Preclinical Imaging Consulting

Information Changes Situation

Quantitative and qualitative increase in acquired data

High resolution and sensitivity allow real time acquisition of events in individuals  at certain time points usually missed with conventional analysis methods. 

Clinical relevance of analysis methods

CT, MRI,  SPECT  & PET  are established diagnostic modalities in clinical patient care. Using the same modalities in preclinical research simplifies upscale to patients in human and veterinary  medicine and makes data even more significant. 

Huge economic impact

The above said implies significantly lower number of animals in projects and higher chances to successfully advance research in clinical applications. Massive sparing of financial, human, administrational, infrastructural and consumable resources.

Ethical Acceptance

Reduction of animal numbers by simultaneous increase in acquired data actively contributes to the 3R concept.  

Image generated by Dr. Sebastian Gehrig , University of Vienna 

Consultancy for Pharmaceutical Industry

Our consultancy solutions specifically address research, clinical and non clinical Toxicology and Pathology Departements of Pharmaceutical Industry.  More than a decade of experience in clinical and preclinical diagnostic Imaging qualify us as your partner of choice to specifically  identify suited imaging modalities for your field of research or to complement exisiting modalites. Once up and running we get you started and accelerate the set up process.  For experienced users with established imaging facilities  our expertise helps to accelerate their research or  is available to accompany highly demanding new projects.


With our expertise we can cover almost any kind of request and help you to make more out of your devices.



1.Staff Training

  • Seminars
    • Basic Principles of preclinical Imaging
    • Imaging Physics
    • Data Analysis
    • Contrast Agents and probes
    • Case Reports  
  • Practical Training for Researchers and Technicians 
  • Data analysis and processing with VivoQuant(TM)

2.Scientific Consulting for Research Projects 


  • Methodology
  • Imaging Strategies
  • Contrast agents and Probes

3.Radiologic analysis of acquired data by Diplomates of ECVDI and clinical radiologists 

4.Integration of new technologies in your institution


  • Site Planing
  • Multi Modality Solutions
  • Integration of different modalities 
  • Purchase and Product consulting 


We consider our satisfied customers the best testimonial for our work.  We are happy to conncet you with institutions consulted by our company to obtain unfiltered information concerning our services.