Our Mission

We address Preclinical Imaging UsersPharmaceutical and BioTech Industry, specialized  Animal Hospitals, Academic Research Institutions and Life Science Professionals. We offer broad and diversified solutions for:

  • Economic and personal success of our customers 
  • Increase of success rate of industry preclinical research 
  • Quality increase of veterinary healthcare 
  • Promotion of academic top level research  

How we do it


Transfer of Expertise and Experiences resp.  Professionals and Executives.


Interconnecting Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry with Clinical Veterinary  Medicine and Academic Research Institutions adding our network and unique expertise in imaging and oncology.

Leading Edge Technology

Established partnerships with various manufactureres of leading Edge Imaging Technology. 

About Us

Academic Background

Our core team consists  solely of top level PhDs, partly habilitated in biomedial sciences, radiology and economy with publications in peer reviewed journals.

Business Expertise of Core Team

Our team possesses almost a decade of business experience in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry as well as in clinical veterinary medicine.  

Scientific Expertise of Core Team

  • Preclinical and translational in vivo imaging and oncology.
  • Clinical Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Oncology.

Associated Consultants

Our associated Consultants are top level life science professionals and executives and can cover almost all fields of biomedical research .