Veterinary Expertise for Airlines and Executive Aviation

Leading European Executive Airline reports increase of 86% of VVIP Pax traveling with companion animals and enhances dedicated program to address this trend. Here is our solution tailored for your company.  

Our Service

Veterinary Expertise to consult Airlines, Executive Jet Operators and Brokers on organizing tailored travel for VVIP traveling with companion animals. 

Our Expertise

Certified Vets.

Active as commercial pilots.

Rated on A320 and C525.  

Crew Training

Crew Training and Certification in Pet handling including first aid.

Acquire a unique selling point and increase customer loyalty.

The Vet on board

 We are rated on A320 and C525 and stand by to  join your crew and AOC.

Advertise your flights with "Vet on board" and provide VVIP the feeling of maximum care.

Travel Consultation

We take care of entry requirements, vaccinations and recommended prophylactic treatments.  

Veterinary Amenities

Provide your VVIP pax traveling with Pets a feeling of being welcome from the first moment.